One, Two , Three… Cheese

Just in time for summer, we have set up some new photo opportunities. While pictures can be taken anywhere in the museum or on the grounds outside, these opportunities give visitors a chance to remember more than the scenery.  We currently have seven photo ops: the winter exhibit, the ever popular stagecoach, the jail cell, the school house, the Hunter House, the You-Load wagon, and the mine cart. The winter exhibit, school house, and jail provide costumes to dress up and get in the mood.   Greeners winterphoto op dunce



In the Hunter House the scene is set for an old fashioned family portrait. Remember: don’t smile.

hh photo op 1greeners hunter 2

The stagecoach, mine cart and You-Load wagon offer opportunities to climb in, hold on, and have fun. We have already had a few people share their pictures on Instagram with our hashtag, #frontierhomestead. kids stagecoach 2While pictures may not take you back in time to live like the pioneers, they can ensure that the memories made will endure for a lifetime.


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