Frontier Homestead @ Groovefest

The Frontier Homestead Foundation and the Groove Crew will once again partner June 26-27, 2015 to bring the Groovefest Music and Art Festival to Cedar City. The art theme will be Celebrating the Artistry in All Things Handmade. This is the 13th anniversary of GROOVEFEST and promises to be filled with amazing talent, both musically and in the visual arts.  As this combined celebration of art and music evolves, it gets bigger and better each year.   Through a jury process, over 50 artists have been selected to participate in the art festival, displaying and selling all original work.

A portion of the artist booth fees support the Frontier Homestead Museum Foundation in its efforts to assist Frontier Homestead State Park in preserving and presenting Iron County’s history to the public.

ZeetaBath & Body
Christine Frazzitta Zeeta Body

Body Art
Jennifer Bush Mad Hatter Face Painting

Levy River Valley

Ann Nelson Nelson Wool Works
 Sandi Levy  iKnitQuiltSew LLC                                                               Godelio Palomino Ecologic Arts
 Marlene Larsen Marlene’s Quilts
 Kathy Druehl KD’s Darling Designs
  Svetlana Recce  Knits
  Barbara Bisonette  Barbara’s Hemstitch

Fused Glass
John & Betsy Kolb Wizard Stones, LLC

Todd Prince


   Edward Ptak SpiritRocks
   Manalisa Camarena
Don Christensen  DLC Gems, LLC
   Mike & Jamie Dobiesz  DobeZ DesignZ
   Lynn Dalton  Desert Gems Jewelry
   Darrell Olmsted  Stone Seeker
   Susie Prince

Ron Flud  Three Peaks Saddle Co. & Mercantile


Metal Wall/Yard ArtMetal
Andy Mondragon
Jerry Campbell Paragoonah Guitar
  Michael & Sandy Rogers 4 on the Floor
Mixed Media
Tris & Gary Ayers Cactus Tracks Studios
 Brooke Fuller Soda-Licious
 Michelle Barnhart


Marian Irwin Jango Coltrane Publishing
   Savina Francisco  Fantasy Wildlife
   John Terry  John’s Art Design

Brad Carlin B.C. Nature Photography
   Wendy Jensen  WendyJ Photo
Randy & Jean Bjerke Randy * Jean Bjerke Photography
   Bill Kutcher Bill Kutcher Photography

Pottery & Ceramics
   Kathy Vause Kathy’s Garden of Whimsy


Stoneman Meeks
Don Sutton
   Weston Alan Smith One Oak Studio

Cathy Novak Natural Stone

Kirsti Scott Scott Art Studio
   Cory & Mary Ann Grace Chipmunk Corner Crafters
KC DeGroff  Let It Be Written

Joseph Cowlishaw (flutes) WowFlute Designs
Gary Burks (pet products)  Xtreme Pet Products LV
Marie Jaggar (broomcorn)

Next Time: Photo Opps


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